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Nexus microwave 20litre model NX-9201

₦28,600   ₦23,400
SKU: 000135

The Nexus 20 Ltr Microwave Grill NX-9201 White is a necessity in every home. It is energy efficient, durable and so easy to use. This microwave comes with 7 auto menu, it can be used to warm, heat or defrost food items too. The microwave comes with a grill at 1000W grill power. It also features a 700W microwave output and a microwave frequency of 2450MHz. It has a defrost setting, a kitchen timer and a glass
  • capacity: 20l power: 800w, manual control.
  • defrost function, overheat protection
  • 1 year warantee
  • easy to use, high power efficiency

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